Sasche ignition

Sasche ignition

Postby joseb42 » 03 May 2017 10:54

Hi there, has anybody here fitted Sasche ignition system? Does it offer a better spark at kick start speeds? Massively frustrated by inadequate Morini (Ducati) flywheel coil "magneto" ignition system. Seriously considering abandoning original ignition system. Cheers, Joseph
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Re: Sasche ignition

Postby fatnfast » 03 May 2017 11:26

Hi Joseph,
Any electronic system that does away with the stator starter winding, transducers and pick-up will be an improvement on a tired original set up and the Sasche looks to be one of the best (but pretty expensive). You will need to also change the coils and plugs caps which adds to the price.
It will also then rely on the battery voltage for starting, so the charging system needs to be in good operating condition, i.e a good battery and good charging output from the stator.

Have you checked the starter coil is healthy and the rotor well magnatised?

I must admit if it wasn't for the price and being skint I would go for it.

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Re: Sasche ignition

Postby 72degrees » 03 May 2017 13:38

fatnfast wrote:Have you checked the starter coil is healthy and the rotor well magnatised?

I must admit if it wasn't for the price and being skint I would go for it.


I looked in to it, but at 500 euros once you have added a pair of Dyna-coils I baulked at the price. If, however, I had a machine which I knew needed everything OEM replacing (stator rewind, both transducers and pickup) it wouldn't be so bad.

I'm very happy with the set up which both of mine will soon be running: NLM module, 'scooter' coils and OEM generation 2 red pickup. One is using a stator/rotor from a barn find 250. The lighting coils on that are dead but the ignition winding is healthy enough for a track only bike with no battery. The ignition winding is the heart of the system and unless it is up to snuff the spark will always be likely to be sub-optimal at kickstart revs. Lots of threads in here about diagnostics and even DIY rewinding.

I also have, on a shelf, an NLM pickup which I may try again, but that did seem to need a much faster kick over speed than I can muster these days. Anyone know if you can still get the Nuovaray pickups?

If easy starting for little kicking is the goal then the Sachse does seem the way to go, but someone who actually has one may be along soon.
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Re: Sasche ignition

Postby hendre » 04 May 2017 06:19

SWF IGNITION SYSTEMS is on the verge of completing a ignition system for the 3 1/2's and 500's. There is already some info on the forum.
Huub is running this with $5 AliExpress ignition coils... works fine up till now :wink:
I have supplied the maker of the systme with three electronic rev counters so these will also work with the system.
Exact cost is still unknown but it will probably be considerably cheaper compared to a complete Sachse setup.
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