Special tools

Special tools

Postby MickeyMoto » 31 Oct 2017 12:14


I would like to buy some good quality (ie non bending) special tools for the 31/2 / 501 engine.

I have a flywheel extractor (x3!), 500 exhaust nut tool and a clutch tool but would like the other tools.

Does anybody have any for sale or know of places other than NLM where I can purchase from, please?

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Re: Special tools

Postby harrymuffin » 31 Oct 2017 15:52

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Do you mean this lot? Engine stand, clutch centre holder, clutch spring tool, crankshaft toothed pulley withdrawal tool, anther one with separate plate that goes behind the pulley, flywheel puller, another one, crankshaft nut, all of the oil seal protection thimbles 350 and 500/507, double ended crankshaft gear and camshaft pull holding tool. I do not have one for holding the flywheel as I screw in two bolts into two of the three holes.
Have you not thought about enrolling in evening classes at the local secondary school where they should have lathes available and hopefully an engineer rather than the metalwork teacher who can she you how to use the lathe and arc welder. Failing that, go to a local machine shop and she them what you want and get them to make them for you. I would offer myself, but when I was asked how much for a pair of taper head adapters in stainless steel it was considered too much even though they were at cost.
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