Rotor, RH cover, pickups?

Rotor, RH cover, pickups?

Postby julianharty » 20 May 2018 18:56

I've bought most of an old kanguro 350 engine from Italy inexpensively. It's missing the alternator rotor and alternator cover and the pickups. The engine could be good enough to recommission if I had these parts. Does anyone have these available for reasonably inexpensive prices please? Those listed on eBay are way beyond what I think they're worth. I'm based in the UK near Heathrow. No worries if not, I'd bought it for spares and it's excellent for that purpose.

BTW: It's clear that someone has taken part of the engine apart so I'd probably be wise to strip and rebuild it. A good project perhaps and a way to have a spare engine for either of my old 3 1/2's
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