500 Tyres

Maestro, SEI-V

500 Tyres

Postby Dr Deaf » 31 Mar 2018 16:00

I'm preparing to get my 500Sei-V back on the road after it has been 'resting' for a number of years
Does any one have any recommendations on boots?
I used to run a 90/90 AM20 Road Runner on the front and a 100/90 AM21 Road Runner on the back, neither of which exist any more.
There is the AM26 Road Rider as a supposed direct option, but I have no frame of reference
My riding style is 'forceful' so good rubber is quite important to me
Any thoughts gratefully received :)
Dr Deaf
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Re: 500 Tyres

Postby George 350 » 31 Mar 2018 19:53

Hi Doctor,
The Am26's are very good all round. I personally prefer Bridgestone BT45's in 90/90x18 and 110/80x18's on my 31/2 - perfect for chamfering the stand and footrests with excellent feedback, good in the wet and last well too. I don't think you would regret either choice.
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Re: 500 Tyres

Postby Dr Deaf » 01 Apr 2018 20:05

Thanks George, I've Battleax's on my TRX and they're very good wet and dry - I might give the BT45's a go!
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Re: 500 Tyres

Postby simonnorthroad » 02 Apr 2018 18:46

BT45s every time.

I used to be a loyal Avon customer of 30 years standing, but I had some faulty RoadRiders on a Guzzi Le Mans crack their sidewalls on me in well under a year last year, and despite living a handfull of miles from the factory, they wouldnt help, ignored 3 emails to the Tech/Customer Services department, so theyve lost a customer.

Also Ive seen people (on here maybe/ cant remember) complain about RoadRiders' wierd profile
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Re: 500 Tyres

Postby norbert » 15 Apr 2018 15:51

I also used to mount the Avon Road Runner as long as they existed. Then I changed to the Road Rider AM26. They are ok but did not last as long as the Road Runner. For me the best I tried was the BT45 as well. But they also don´t last that long as the AM 20 (a pitty that thes disapeared!!!)

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