Brake problems

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Brake problems

Postby neillewis » 12 Oct 2020 13:25

Help! My 1981 Morini 500 has a dodgy front (RH) brake caliper. The pistons were seized so I applied heat to free them successfully but when put back on the bike they now leak fluid. I believe there are seals in the caliper which may have unsealed as a result of the heat. I urgently need advice on this. I've tried to source a replacement seal kit and a replacement caliper to no avail. I also need replacement bleed nipples but can't find those either. Can anyone please help me out here?
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Re: Brake problems

Postby simonnorthroad » 12 Oct 2020 17:26

Fraction of a minute on Fleabay turned up 30 or 32mm piston dia. seal kits. Can't remember which you need

Ditto stainless bleed-nipples in all sizes.

Do you need more help than this?
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Re: Brake problems

Postby 3potjohn » 12 Oct 2020 17:53

I was caught out when I first got my Sport as I did not realise there were ball bearings under the bleed nipples.These were corroded.I have stainless bleed nipples now but have never looked at the pistons.Yet!
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Re: Brake problems

Postby Ming » 12 Oct 2020 19:38

Try RGM Norton
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Re: Brake problems

Postby Canuck750 » 13 Oct 2020 02:36

Storz Performance sell Grimeca caliper rebuild kits: pistons and O rings
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Re: Brake problems

Postby MickeyMoto » 13 Oct 2020 06:50

If the calipers are the same as the earlier 31/2 the part number according to my book is 43 09 21. Mdina have the kits, but I'd check first as it says 41mm on the description.
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Re: Brake problems

Postby neillewis » 13 Oct 2020 09:55

many thanks for the top tips everyone I'll get on it asap. Thanks again.
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