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1980 500w newbie project part 2 - the engine

Posted: 07 Sep 2021 07:16
by park3164
Hi all.
Finally some limited trades are available again for the "red rust heap" project. The engine parts and cases have been cleaned, and I have ordered some parts. I'm waiting on oversize pistons, and new exhaust valves as the old ones once cleaned were obviously toast. I'm finding browsing this forum invaluable, when going through past posts on valve train parts etc. And the advice from members such as Harry Muffin and EVguru has been most helpful re engine bearing replacements. By chance, there is an odd size bearing supplier only a few suburbs away with the 30mm QJ 306 MA bearing, which I will get via the workshop at trade prices if needed
I noticed the comments about the two versions of Morini valves, and am getting valve seats, new springs and new type collets/valve caps along with the newer version exhaust valves. I'm in this far so thought may as well get new intake valves, which seem harder to find. Herdan in the US have them on their website, but whether they will get to OZ may be the question. I guess rocker arm bushes should be renewed, and valve guides. Would people suggest any other top end valve gear parts I should think of?
With regard to the barrels, it looks unlikely I'll find someone here who can bore a tapered cylinder bore. How much of an issue might it be if there is a standard bore without taper ?
Stand by for more newbie questions re the crank, which is currently being checked, measured and sludge traps cleaned out.
Thank you again for patience with my questions,
Sydney Australia