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Postby Butch » 01 Dec 2017 08:58

After suffering abruptness on the clutch action last time out I reshimmed again at the weekend. Took around 10 thou off the stack. Had a test ride out last night.

Bike was a MF to start.
Wouldn't tick over at all.
Clutch is now dragging again.
Same starting woe on leaving the pub.

Just about had it with this one. I can see it getting moved on come the spring.
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Re: Grrrr

Postby huub » 03 Dec 2017 18:49

they tend to do that :D
i have been recommissioning a 500 camel for the last three months.
everytime i get one problem out of the way , another pops up. :evil:
that is the fun of a 30 year old bike....
but when eventually properly set up, they are worth the effort
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Re: Grrrr

Postby Butch » 07 Dec 2017 13:50

Thanks for the uplift.

I have other 30 year old bikes, and beyond. Typically, I expect to spend some money, fit carefully, and the problem goes away. This last year or so I’ve been battling with two bikes where they don’t seem to respond to treatment; the other being a Sunbeam S7D. That one has been my dream bike since the late 70s and I finally got this one two years ago but it has really soaked up the cash. And it’s still screwing me over. So despite the dream and the spend that one is definitely being sold on.

I recently bought a ’72 Guzzi Loop. Three weeks later and the shift return spring broke. That’s not a quick job on those bikes and I’ve now got bits of it spread all over the garage. Mostly with Guzzis I find I can fix right and fix once.

Lousy luck or lousy mechanic? – There’s clearly a problem at one end of the spanner or the other.
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Re: Grrrr

Postby acemorini » 07 Dec 2017 15:39

I have a Strada, that was the same, fix one problem run it around the block, switch it off and congratulate yourself on fixing it. Next day go to start it up and the next problem is there waiting for for you to solve, go so p*ssed off with I stuck in the back of the shed for about 9 months, just finally got to run properly, not to break down and do anything else stupid, great fun now, but at the time AHHHHH.
All the best with it.
Regards Pete.
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Re: Grrrr

Postby 3potjohn » 11 Dec 2017 21:14

Where you a going wrong is in leaving the pub.The aim is to get snowed in to one e.g. the Warren House. Unfortunately we don't have any at "lower levels". Snow not pubs that is.The second thing is you need to buy a T160, which will see off your remaining cash in short order, and that's just on the 20/50.
If its any consolation,the only time my 350 has had any issues was once when the starter relay jammed on (fixed by a well aimed kick) and once when a transducer failed 2 miles from home.I have never had clutch trouble as you have had.I had fitted new plates and dressed out any burrs in the basket about 10 years ago.
Oh well best of luck then.
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