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VMCC Cover

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2018 18:08
by pedro
Not sure how many members are also VMCC members, but the current issue of the club magazine has a Kanguru featured on the front cover which John Roach used to ride the Trans-America trail, almost 5,000 miles across dirt roads of America, his friend Geoff Mcgladdery was on a Cheney Triumph 500, but was so impressed with the Morini that he has bought the one and a half bikes that I was selling recently in order to build himself a similar bike. If he was impressed after that epic journey it's high praise indeed.

Re: VMCC Cover

PostPosted: 02 Feb 2018 14:35
by MarkB
And that well-travelled Kanguro is the star of the club stand at Shepton Mallet this weekend. Shame I'm not able to go and help out this time.

Re: VMCC Cover

PostPosted: 04 Feb 2018 15:14
by 72degrees
Great to see a Morini on the VMCC journal cover. There are now three people at my local section with Morinis and one of them is a Kanguro.
Apropos of the VMCC, it all seems to be kicking off on their forum regarding the future of the organisation. As a founder member of the MRC I would just like to express my gratitude to you, Mark, and all others that have served on the committee, past and present for making it such a friendly club in tune with its membership.

The North Birmingham section of the VMCC are having a "Spring Saturday Gathering & Open Day" on 28th April. I shall endeavour to be there to fly the Morini flag. I'd have liked to go on my recently acquired 1970 Gilera 98 Seigiorni (not the very tasty off road version but a marketing by badge exercise) but it may not be ready (though three days later and it wouldn't even need an MoT ;)). I'll stick a post in events nearer the date. In the absence of a WM MRC section it makes a good focus for getting to meet some Morini folk from these parts.

I seem to recall that the VMCC had been sounding out one make clubs about some kind of rebranding but it sounds as if there is a push to make it very much more a commercial organisation than a club. The rumblings about the rolling 25 year eligibility rule continue but 70/80s Morinis seem to be being 'accepted' for the thoroughbreds (well not mine exactly to be fair ;)) that they are. Not so sure about the Darts but I've softened them up to the dawning realisation that many bikes with plastic fairings are now well within the cut off by turning up on my GFR.

Re: VMCC Cover

PostPosted: 05 Feb 2018 10:27
by MarkB
Thanks for your kind comments Pete. The Chairman's Message in the next ATG mentions this: those in the committee, and many others, who help to make the club what it is. From what I've heard of many other clubs, the MRC is a happy and friendly place to be!