Mode button and clutch squeal

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Mode button and clutch squeal

Postby Musclemoto » 27 Mar 2014 18:54

I recently had a couple of bad cells in the battery which made the dash and lights flicker and recently changed the battery and everything is fine on today's ride but the mode button ain't working and it's not jammed either. So I'm not sure how to figure this out. Is there a reset button or a process to reset the dash?

Secondly, I there is a very mild squeal from the engine like the clutch squeal which is normal on Ducati's and increases and decreases with the throttle/revs. Don't remember this sound from before. It's not there when in idle or no difference when I engage or disengage the clutch. I'm not sure if its normal and I'm a bit sensitive to engine sounds : ) hope it's not bearings or anything as I don't use the bike regularly.

Any light on the topic would really help.
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