Speedo Drive Worm Gear

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Speedo Drive Worm Gear

Postby 72degrees » 14 May 2018 11:59

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Ah, so that's why the speedo suddenly stopped working. I heard a 'plink' and assumed the cable had gone but the speedo drive had wound itself round and hit the forks. Oddly it seemed fairly well lubricated the last time I had the wheel out, which wasn't long ago. Even more oddly the spare drive I have from a 350 uses a shorter worm gear. About a 10mm shorter. Even more curiously, however, after checking the teeth of the spiral drive gear on the wheel and putting the good spare worm gear in to the drive on the 250, all well lubricated, the speedo is functioning again. The inner cable is still long enough to locate in the square tube bit even thou it doesn't protrude slightly like the old one. Thinking about it, the cable didn't use to screw on all the way before. Now it does. I can't remember, but wonder if NLM only had a 350 cable last time I needed one and it was exerting pressure on the drive bit, which eventually caused it to fail.
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