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The US models of the Corsaro were called Hurricane, Cyclone or Jaguar.
In the US, Sbarazzino was called Thunder Chief
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New Member from UK

Post by AndyCorsaro » 21 Jun 2022, 10:14

Hello All!
I acquired a 125 Corsaro in the middle of Lockdown, and am just beginning to explore using it!

As a young man, I rode many rhousands of miles on British bikes, but was inspired to buy this (rebuilt) example because of my love for the works of Herge, creator of the Tintin legend: my black example reminds me of many of his classic drawings... 😀

I've been surprised that many Italian solutions (rear brake and gears) are jot where I remember them - but after almost 40 years on four-wheels, I'm learning again...

Not sure if there is any UK Morini club, but my local bike and classic community is strong: I'm near Stratford upon Avon, so happy to travel (on back roads) as I get more confident.

Only issues at present are:
1. Front drum snatching and pulling left
2. Not using the Delorto carb - but I have it (ME18BS) should I?

Cheers for now

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Re: New Member from UK

Post by 350-v-twin » 21 Jun 2022, 10:39

Hi Andy,

Welcome to the Forum. Not sure if there are many Corsaro owners active out here.

Yes, Tintin, best ever. Once you have the Corsaro running as you'd like, you should visit the Herge Museum in (B 1348) Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve,

Yes, there is a UK Moto Morini Club: see

On your front drumbrake: you should get it sorted, as it is the most important brake on your bike. There are several causes possible:
worn wheelbearings, unbalance. A motorcycle garage dealer with classic bikes should be able to get the brake shoes re-furbished. Many years ago, I had a bike on which the front drum brake was also problematic. I had the front wheel re-spoked, problem solved.

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Re: New Member from UK

Post by AndyCorsaro » 22 Jun 2022, 08:36

Thanks for the advice! Great weather in UK so every not on the road is a wasted day!

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Re: New Member from UK

Post by Tom » 15 Jul 2022, 16:45

Hello Andy,

Congrats! And welcome.

Yes, there is a Morini Riders which you could check out, small Morini's are not prohibited and even allowed.

They told me there is even a 'Morini Single' chapter in their forum section... So hey, there you go!

Corsaro engines are pretty rock solid, but they were a more low budget Morini option for the everyday rider, you should definitely check the oil pump since they were made of cheaper zamac alloy casting, they will destroy your engine by not spinning like they should!

You can get replacement oil pumps from Italy:

Good luck and God Speed :wink:

Tom Ros

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