Corsaro 125cc VIN number?

The US models of the Corsaro were called Hurricane, Cyclone or Jaguar.
In the US, Sbarazzino was called Thunder Chief
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Corsaro 125cc VIN number?

Post by tonup69 » 01 Sep 2021, 05:31

Hello from the USA. I just picked up a beautiful Corsaro 125cc (that originally was a 150cc). Where do I find the vehicle identification number on this bike? On the frame or engine? Are there different VINs for the 125cc and 150cc or do people title off of the frame alone?

Thanks in advance.

Larry in Memphis

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Re: Corsaro 125cc VIN number?

Post by Tintin » 01 Sep 2021, 09:54

Hi Larry, it is not uncommon for Italian bikes initially for domestic use to only have a frame number. The engine number was only added when required for the country they were exported to. 150 VIN should be different to the 125 VIN

regrettably I cannot find in the manuals where the number(s) should be stamped)

but in this article there is a clear picture: ... depoca.pdf
it is on the left side of the frame directly behind the engine

another sources verifies that also for the 150 model ... 329488.jpg
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Re: Corsaro 125cc VIN number?

Post by 350-v-twin » 01 Sep 2021, 10:37

Hello Larry,

In addition to tintin's excellent reply, I would like to mention that the engine normally only has a letter. For the Corsaro 125 the "E". Not sure on the 150cc.
Like tintin stated, engine numbers were only given when officially required in the country of destination. Either the factory (?), or the importer (?) added these.

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Re: Corsaro 125cc VIN number?

Post by Tom » 02 Apr 2022, 13:05

H = Sbarazzino 98cc
M = Monello 125cc
E = Corsaro 125cc
P = Corsaro 150cc
E/1 = Corsaro 125cc 5 speed
P/1 = ..... Don't know that one ;)
U = Regolarita 160cc ??

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