1955 Moto Morini 175cc Corsa - info needed

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1955 Moto Morini 175cc Corsa - info needed

Post by Stas » 24 Apr 2013, 18:18


I'm a writer for the Russian moto magazine Motomaniya, where I write historical articles. I'm planing to do a series of stories about Moto Morini.
You people here have wealth of knowledge about this marque and I'd like to kindly ask about some help. Now I'm looking for an info about 1955 Moto Morini 175cc Corsa. This one:
http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/21135/l ... 6b1%3Dlist

Can anyone provide me with more detailed tech info of the base 1955 Corsa model and what was included in the racing specification of the 1968? And may be some more historical facts of Corsa model?
As I understand, this 175cc model was a base for the 'world fastest single' of 250cc?

Thank you!


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Re: 1955 Moto Morini 175cc Corsa - info needed

Post by 350-v-twin » 06 Jul 2016, 14:16

Hello Stas,

I am no specialist on the 175cc range, but this is my impression this bike. It left the factory in 1955 as a "normal" 175 Turismo. Then, in 1968 it was converted by the owner into a "racer" in the style of the single 250cc Bialbero (Provini's racer).
So this "175 Corsa" was never produced by the factory. The factory did built a racer, based on the Turismo. The Turismo was the first 175cc model and it was less sporty than the later models like 175cc Tresette, or 175cc Tresette Sprint.

From the 175cc range:
True factory racer for private people is the "175cc Rebello".
Very sporty: "175cc Settebello".
Sporty: "175 GT Supersport".
In this row the "Turismo" would come last.

If anyone can correct the above, please be my guest. I'd like to learn too.

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