2023 AGM

Post details of any upcoming Morini event or any event you think Morini enthusiats would be interested in.
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2023 AGM

Post by 72degrees »

Thanks to all involved in organising another splendid event.

I bottled out of the 180 mile ride in 30 degree heat and towed the 2C/375 on the Motolug behind my campervan.

It didn't disgrace itself by refusing to start, particularly when hot to come back from the run.

Sorry such a non-standard machine got parked up with all the incredibly shiny very nearly original ones ;)

Looking forward to the 2024 International Rally and making enquiries about IoM accommodation for a possible 2025 Highlander 50th anniversary of the MRC meet.

No guesses needed as to what is going on here:
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Re: 2023 AGM

Post by 3potjohn »

Just wanted to add my thanks for organising the event. I thought the evening meal was very good too. Bread and butter pudding seemed the right choice back when the weather was less like Cordoba.( OK not that hot but I don't wear bike gear when there)
The shower room was by Sunday an opportunity not to be sniffed at.
My return leg featured heat then cloud, rain, more heat, terrible driving, grim looking places, blinding sun heading South West on deserted roads then as it went down replaced with blinding fog and unaccustomed chill arriving back at 2045 ish.
Aside from my rounded off tacho drive which some 3mm square steel may fix, the bike’s performance was remarkably unremarkable.
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Re: 2023 AGM

Post by MickeyMoto »

Yes, it was a relaxed weekend. Some noice roads in Narrrfcuk. Stay off the A roads, the B roads are a delight. The smaller roads are a different matter.

Is Tom praying to the Morini God of ABC Belts?

The evening meal was... food, same as the breakfast. I decided that the pudding could be used to repair all the 1970s schools and should be renamed RAAC - Reinforced Aerated Apple Crumble.

Had a nice ride home until 30 miles from home. Then it got so dark, at 3pm, it was headlight on, then coming out of the Tyne Tunnel it persisted down all the way home. Flash flooding anybody? Luckily, I had applied waterproofs on the A19 at my tea and cake stop.

Nice to meet some new faces. How did I not know there is another Morini owner 12 miles away? Looks like the start of a Northumberland Section, or even a Border Riever section.
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Re: 2023 AGM

Post by morinipablo »

thanks so much for the committee and the club for putting on a fantastic weekend
although i think they overdid the weather
loverly to meet friends old and new
im glad you enjoyed {some of} the roads , you now see what i deal with on a daily bases
hope you all had a good time up here in the turnip fields and see you all next time
thanks again all for a great rally
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Re: 2023 AGM

Post by BarryCambs »

Thanks to both the Committee who organised the rally and everyone else who made me feel so welcome as a new member. A great weekend and as a bonus, I learnt more about the bike in the space of a couple of beers than I have in the previous 12 months of ownership. Thanks also for the good advice regarding more modern technology camping mats. I have now regained use of my shoulder.

I drove back in glorious weather across the Cambridgeshire Fen roads which I luckily know quite well, so not too panic inducing when you hit subsidence and find air under your wheels . . . . . twice.

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