Dart Fuel Tap/Lying Low Level Switch

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Dart Fuel Tap/Lying Low Level Switch

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At last the 400 Dart from Japan has made it into the shed for revival. For a bike with only 2099 km on the clock it is not in a clever state. The fuel tank is leaking at the top mounting point with obvious splits around the threaded insert - good job I bought an ali tank all those years ago!! The biggest issue though is the electric fuel tap. The level float and filter are broken and the whole thing is full of black syruppy gunk.

Anyone got a spare for sale? Checked on Mdina and it's not listed. Is it one of those 'Also used on ........' parts?

I'm bound to have other issues but this is the biggest problem at the moment.


(By the way the plastics are cracked as well - again getting on the club replacement fairing list was a wise move!!)

((And the mirrors are broken!!))
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Re: Dart Fuel Tap/Lying Low Level Switch

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Sadly the tap is unique to the dart, and there are no known stocks, used or new (trust me, I’ve been looking for 20 years!)

There are similar electric solenoids used on other bikes, but none that I’ve ever seen with the inbuilt level sender. Similarly there are similar level senders but none with the inbuilt solenoid!

My advice would be to fit a vacuum tap (the paioli ones as fitted to the kanguros work well and can be screwed onto the flange fitting of the original dart tap. This will leave you without a level sender although that’s not necessarily a loss, even when new they are a bit flakey.

If having a fuel light is important to you, as you have an ally tank, you could always have an extra fitting welded onto that to take some other type of level sender. The one from a guzzi cali 3 looks like it could be made to work ok:
https://www.stein-dinse.com/en/moto-guz ... 99538.html
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