Swing arm failure

Anything to do with the 1200 GranPasso series
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Re: Swing arm failure

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This has made me take a very close look at my swingarm, as I've got nearly 42000 miles on the clock. No sign of cracks or concave welding, just some scrapes from a poorly adjusted chain.

Has anyone seen what the failure rate is as a percentage of bikes manufactured?

Out of curiosity I contacted WeBuyAnyBike for a price for the GP, having had good quotes from them in the past on other bikes. They don't want to buy a Granpasso :(
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Re: Swing arm failure

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They are not mainstream bikes, and would never give a true value...or appreciate there worth as great Italian motorcycles.
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Re: Swing arm failure

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The new 'X-Cape' 1200 has a different design of swing arm - probably a lot heavier but might be worth an investigation for those who are really worried?

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