(1969 Regolarito)
123cc (56 x 50mm), OHV, Single, 10.0:1 compression ratio
20mm Dell'Orto carb, 5 Gears
11.5 bhp @ 9,800 rpm
100kg (unladen)


Morini had contested the demanding ISDT amongst other off road competitive events in the late 1940s and early 50s, returning to competition after a 15 year break in 1966. Unsurprisingly, they made use of this experience with a range of production Trial models, including the Corsaro Country.

These were based on the Regolarito competition model, offered in 98, 123 and 142 cc versions which used an engine based on the Corsaro roadster. Interestingly, in the early 1970s later models were used by Lambertini to develop experience of the Heron head, used in the Company's range of 3½ (350cc) and 500 V twins and the singles derived from that engine.

The Corsaro Country employed much of the spirit of the competition machinery, but using many of the standard road going Corsaro components together with an off-road developed spine frame, raised silencer and high handlebars. Unlike the competition models, the Country was only offered as a 125 (actually 123cc).

None of these machines were imported into the UK, but the factory enjoyed considerable success with the model in its home market, and the competition machines helped the Italian marque win six gold medals in the ISDT of 1971 — held that year in the Isle of Man.



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